Business or life? Both please and all that comes along. My coaching is transformational. It is about you as a whole person and your life as you envision it to be. You as a leader, manager, salesperson, employee, partner, parent, entrepreneur and any other aspect of you that needs support and a safe and dedicated space to think, reflect and make good decisions about your life and work.

What can you expect in the process?

In the process, you learn to think, feel, explore and create in very new and refreshing ways. I listen with my open mind, ask honest questions and support you to find your way through difficult moments. Yes, there will be such moments. I can promise you that once you navigate through them successfully you will be astonished by how much you grew and developed on the way and how your life transformed for the better.

What is the framework of this program?

First, we take a good amount of time to support you in understanding my approach and designing your development steps. The transformational process consists of 12 online sessions, 90 minutes each within 6 months. In between sessions, I am available to you in our private chat group. After five sessions we review your progress and decide about further course of your process. At the end we dedicate time to reflect on the quality of your transformation and explore what kind of support you might need form there on.

How is your life by the end of the program?

In the process, you expand your understanding of yourself and others, become aware of your true capacities, gain clarity of choices and open to new possibilities for action in your life. The action towards change itself is up to you.

Feel ready to step out of your comfort zone on an exciting journey of creating a life you really want to live?

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