about me

I am curious

I am curious, in love with life and passionate about exploring human consciousness.

I like to work smart, love to be with people as much as I enjoy my solitude. In my relationships I am open-minded, committed and inclusive.

My offer to you

I support you in discovering and pursuing what is important to you with clarity, persistence and competence.

I offer honest conversations in open, safe and friendly environment. I believe this is how any desired change and transformation is being born.

When you fail, I help you to accept it and learn from your mistakes to make better choices for your future. When you are lost, I offer you a compass to find your way again.

I work with you with understanding, patience and empathy instead of judgement. It is a big task and I am committed to it.

I always follow my heart and can hold a lot. You are welcome with all you carry.

I know that there are many definitions of successful and fulfilling life. I stand by you in discovering your own and make it happen.

My story

My own story with coaching and facilitation started with a ‘failure’. At least this is how it seemed back then. It was when I got fired from my job at Microsoft as a PR and marketing manager. There were failures before. Like when I refused to meet expectations of my new bosses after having 10 years of successful journalistic career including hosting the main evening news show at the Slovenian national television.

In hindsight, it turned out that what felt as hitting the rock bottom in my career was actually the best thing that could happen to me. It was a wake-up call that encouraged me to start my first coaching training that helped me to remember certain ideas and beliefs about myself, refashion them and discover my desire as well as my capacity to support people in making their dreams come true.

Transpersonal vision

Over the last 20 years, there were many successes as well. I have been thriving in many jobs and gained quite some credentials. Still, I was very much stuck in my mind and an incredible perfectionist. This changed for me when I came in contact with deep work in non-ordinary states of consciousness in 2009 through Holotropic Breathwork. My first workshop was love on a first breath.

Through breathwork, I started connecting with my deep inner parts, discovering that beside my controlling mind, there is a whole world full of wisdom, strength and beauty within me. Experiencing how self-limiting certain beliefs are for me and how much the anxieties and unprocessed events and emotions are holding me back from living my life fully, I embarked on a life long journey of honest relationships with myself and others in order to become the best version of myself. I have certified as Holotropic Breathwork facilitator and support people in their self-exploration in in these states as well as in the field of integration of these significant experiences in our everyday lives.

I invite you to share part of your journey with me.